Thursday, December 9, 2010

1972 Italian Twin Plate Masi

Here is a very original Twin Plate Masi from approximately 1972.  This bike basically sat in someone's basement for 30+ years an only required a good cleaning, polishing, re-greasing, and detailing with some new tires and tape.  Someone replaced the Martanos with clinchers along the way.  I built up some N.O.S. Martano tubulars for it.


  1. What a great collection of bikes. I still have and ride most of my 1962 Follis, a French road bike, which my Uncle Sid gave to me. It was the first ten-speed road bike in the neighborhood. It doesn't compare to any of your bikes. While I love my high-tech, carbon fiber bike, the classic vintage bikes for me have the clear edge when it comes to aesthetics.

  2. I am surprised to see this lower headlug on a 72. I was under the impression that the so called 'spoon shaped' headlug was used up through early 74 and then a switch to this lug, but that may only be for Carlsbad Masi's. I have two of those, the earliest with the spoon shaped lug and the latter much like this.

    Great stuff BTW.


  3. The spoon lugs were used on early Carlsbad Masis. Italian Gran Criteriums had the more cut-away style of lug at least dating back to 1971. I have a 1974 Carslbad Masi with the spoon lug, see:

    and a 1971 Italian Masi with a lug shape similar to that on the bike above, see:

    I will be posting photos of these bikes in the future. Thanks for your interesting observation!