Monday, July 11, 2011

Cinelli Model B - Finito!

This is the final installment on the Model B that I purchased at the swap meet at the Classic Rendezvous Weekend in Greensboro.  After a bit of elbow grease, the bike is finally complete.

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  1. Hi Jeff, Jonathon here. Lovely bike and job you've done. I've just acquired a '58 mod B in the same colour (see link below), although it's not looking quite as pristine as yours!

    I don't suppose you know of anyone who may have and be willing to part with a Cinelli steel stem (ideally with badge) and bars like the ones you have do you? I have found a stem on ebay that needs chrome and is missing the badge and wondered what size badge is needed to fit the stem? Any advice would be much appreciated. Regards Jonathon fit