Monday, December 5, 2011

Cinelli vs. Raysport

Cinelli hand painted silvered brass head badge vs. Raysport reflective sticker

Cinelli seat post is sleeved to 26.2mm. Raysport is 27.2mm.

Raysport lugs slightly more longish and acutely triangulated.

Top of Raysport seat lug profile is saddle-shaped.  Cinelli is flat.

Cinelli brake mount has a more defined lug.

Dimples? we don't need no stinkin' dimples!

Chain stays brazed in a similar manner.  Seat stays are a bit different.  Cinelli derailleur cable stop is shaped like a "pawn".  Raysport is a simple post.

Cinelli has brazed on derailleur cable guides.  Raysport has none.  Cinelli bottom bracket shell is threaded Italian, Raysport is English.  Note the difference in chain stay lugs on bottom bracket shells, and longer pointed bottom bracket shell lugs for down tube and seat tube on Cinelli compared to Raysport.

Bottom of top tube lugs on Raysport are pointed.  Bottom of Cinelli top tube lugs are rounded.

Raysport is Reynolds 531 double butted.  Cinelli is Columbus SL, although many Cinellis were made with Reynolds.  Weight of the two frames is essentially identical at 1,920 grams each.

Raysport has watter bottle lugs brazed in.

Points on Raysport lugs vs. rounded Cinelli.

The characteristic "R" for Raysport.  Chain stay bridge is brazed closer to bottom bracket shell on Raysport.

Late '60's/1970 Cinelli fork has no holes in tangs.  Raysport tangs are "drilled", also a little pointier.  Reynolds fork blades are thinner in profile than the Columbus tubes on the Cinelli fork.

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