Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fancy Falcon Ready to Fly!

Here is the completed Falcon San Remo, ready to soar.  Original paint Reynolds 531 frame with fancy chromed Nervex lugs, chromed rear triangle, chromed sloping-chrown Cinelli-style fork.  Bike is equipped with Campagnolo Record group, including headset, bottom bracket, 151 bcd crank, bottom pull old-Record front dearailleur, old Record rear derailleur, Campy seat post, pedals, shifters, and high-flange hubs.  The brakes are Weinmann.  Stem is Cinelli Milano early nutted type.  Handlebars are Cinelli Giro d' Italia.  Seat is a Brooks Professional. I estimate that this bike is mid to late 1960's vintage.


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  2. Hi,

    We sold this bike between 68 and 71. The silver stickers first appeared after the stickers on your M76 (1968).
    I used to have a box with all these stickers (and hundreds more decals/transfers/stickers) in our old Evanston store but some not very kind soul decided to liberate the entire collection.
    Sorry not more precise.

    1. Lee,

      Any more info and history on the store, Falcon San Remo, and the Falcon line during this period of time would be most interesting and appreciated.