Saturday, November 3, 2012

Early 70's Pogliaghi With Fastback Seat Stays

I just purchased this Pogliaghi from Italy.  I believe it to be an early 1970's model.  It is unusual in that it has a "fastback" seat stay arrangement that is typical of Cinelli.  The size is certainly precise at 57.5 cm!  For Pogliaghi that is measured center to top along the seat post. My tape indicates 56 cm center to center on the seat  post and 55.5 cm center to center on the top tube.  Should fit me like a glove!!

The bottom bracket is stamped "CORRADINI".  I have no idea why, or what this means.  Also, the stem is pantographed "Betori".  Again, no clues!? The seat post is stamped "D8" and "PSM"

Strangely, the bike is equipped with a period-correct Zeus Criterium group.  The inside crank arm is stamped "c", which I think means either 1972 or 1973.  The chain rings are drillium like I have seen on some other Pogs of this era.  Brakes are Weinmann side pulls.  Rims are Martano.  It appears to have been very tidily built, with soldered cable ends, perfectly wrapped bar tape, etc., as if it were put away after  a race 40 years ago.

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