Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cinelli SC 1969 All Chrome

This is a very early "three hole" SC.  The transition from the earlier lugs to the three hole lugs took place circa 1969.  This one is very likely an early one because it still has fender mounts on the dropouts, fender lugs on the brake bridge and chain stay, plus it does not have braze-ons above the bottom bracket shell for  derailleur cables.  Also, the fork does not have holes in the fork tangs like most later ones.  Bike is equipped with "Patent" no date rear derailleur (circa 1969) and no date code crank arms fitted with Campagnolo chain rings.  Stem is an early Cinelli 1A with external tightening nut.  The handlebars are early Cinelli Giro d' Italia alloy with three knurled rings.  Brakes are Universal 68's, which were introduced a year before this bike was likely made.  The seat is a smooth leather Cinelli Unicanitor.  Seat post is Campagnolo 26.2 diameter. Chain is an early Regina Record Oro (dimpled rivets).  The freewheel is a Regina G.S. Oro five speed.  Front derailleur is Campagnolo Nuovo Record, (circa 1969 with no retaining clip). Hubs are high-flange Campagnolo Nuovo Record laced to Fiamme Red Label tubular rims.  Headset is Campagnolo Nuovo Record.

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  1. S/N? I have a 56cm bought from Spence long ago. Al Knoll Sacramento Gimme a shout.