Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Zeus 2000 Bicycle With Black Zeus 2000 Titanium Group Circa 1980

This is my Zeus 2000 bike with black titanium Zeus 2000 group, including black Zeus 2000 alloy freewheel.  Bike was made circa 1980.  Frame is constructed of Reynolds 531 SL tubing with Zeus 2000 dropouts.  Original paint and decals. Weight is 19.6 lbs.

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  1. Hello and usare not English translator. might not translate well that I mean. I really like their bikes. I also have a very special zeus. zeus 2000 Super cronos the Doral. A limited series production i my bike is the 137 of its production. It is Reynols 531 red label, weighs little, the maximum range of zeus group box. I think mine is currently one of the few that did not disappear.
    You can see it in my blog "Quadresdeferro".
    A greeting!