Saturday, December 18, 2010

Late 70's Fully Pantographed Colnago Mexico With Six Arm Crank

This is a late (circa 1978/79) Colnago Mexico that I purchased from a seller in Germany.  The bike came with the rare Colnago pantographed six-arm crank.  This bike has a fully-chromed rear triangle and chrome fork, which is unusual, even for the European market.  U.S. market bikes typically came with little or no chrome.  This bike has a full-pantographed red, white, and green group including brakes, crankset, seatpost, and shifters.  Also, the bike has Colnago pantographed stem, handlebars, toe clips, and Colnago embossed 3ttt saddle.  The paint is completely original, as are the decals.  This bike has a full, first generation Super Record group including titanium bottom bracket, titanium pedal axles, Super Record headset, and Super Record (Pat. 78) rear derailleur.


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  2. Hi Skeet, skeet,

    I bought the same frame than your Colnago Mexico 1979 Fully Pantographed.

    But i have two differences with your's. It's strange and i would like to understand.

    On mine, the cables gear are under the bottom bracket and the rear brake fixation is not like a cube.

    Can you help me ?


    Boris (France)