Monday, January 3, 2011

1959 Cinelli

This is my 1959 (approx.) Cinelli with "Wolf" ear or "Fish Mouth" lugs.  These lugs were used in the 1950's and changed to the more conventional Cinelli lug about 1960 or so.  This bike is equipped with a Gran Sport group from the 50's.  The frame was repainted prior to my having acquired the bike.

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  1. Hi, last year I purchased a Cinelli Speciale frameset from 1959. I'd like to build it period-correct but a limited budget tells me that its not wise at this time. What I'd like to do is to install a Campy Nuovo Record gruppo that I have and then to begin to replace components over time as my budget allows. What's the best place for me to find the correct component list that would have been on this bike 50+ years ago? By the way, the bike was repainted by Cyclart two owners ago and in the process I believe it acquired shifter bosses and a few other goodies not in the original. I have no intention of a repaint. Here's a link to pics of the bike: