Sunday, January 23, 2011

1982 Colnago

This is my 1982 Colnago.  This bike is fully restored to near NOS condition.  The bike has a full Campagnolo Super Record Group with Regina Oro freewheel and Regina Record chain, Cinelli 1R Ernesto Colnago engraved stem with old-logo Cinelli crest handlebars.  The bike features Colnago pantographed brake calipers, Colnago pantographed brake levers, Colnago engraved Super Record seat post, Colnago pantographed chain ring, and Colnago/Modolo shifters, which were supplied on these framesets during this period.  The rims are Ernesto Colnago signature Colnago Corse Metamorphosis tubulars.  Seat is a Selle Concor.  Rear derailleur is a Pat. 82 Super Record.  Cranks have 1981 date code.


  1. Hi, I have a set of these same wheels and I was wondering if you know anything at all about their value/rarity. I've searched endlessly and have yet to find another picture or mention of them aside from here. Any info would be helpful.