Sunday, May 1, 2011

1975 Colnago Mexico - I love GOLD

The first installment of my Colnago Rainbow chronology series.  A 1975 Colnago Mexico.  Yes, I know, the gold color is not a color of the rainbow, but whatever.  It's the only 1975 Colnago that I've got, and besides, I LOVE GOLD.

Unfortunately, not one of the gold plated Mexicos like Ernesto gave to the Pope.  But, pretty cool anyway:

Long dropouts with first generation Super Record rear derailleur, Regina Oro six speed freewheel. I LOVE GOLD.

Early-style pantographed chain ring with "Mexico" crankset.  Dust covers? we don't need no stinkin' dust covers. Flat plate derailleur, Regina Record Oro  "drilled" chain (I LOVE GOLD).  Super Record titanium bottom bracket, titanium spindle pedals with period "Colnago" GOLD toe straps and Colnago pantographed toe clips.

Note the non-recessed brake mount without cast indented triangles in the rear of the fork crown.  Also, pantographed shifters, flat lever quick release brakes.  GOLD anodized Mavic Record Du Monde de l'Heure rims.  Clement Colnago tires.

Original down tube decals, and original (albeit a little banged up) paint:

Decal from bike shop where the bike was sold.  Anybody recognize this?

Front fork crown detail with just the clubs ma'm, just the clubs.  Note the "Brev. Campagnolo" on brake bolts and pantographed/milled brake calipers:

Period 3ttt Colnago engraved stem with tri-color motif.  3ttt Grand Prix engraved bars:

Side profile of Colnago pantographed stem:

Super Record pantographed levers with tri-color motif:

Period Colnago embossed saddle (3ttt manufactured, I think).  Also, tri-color milled Colnago panto seat post:

Milled rear brake caliper.  Note there is no square mounting boss like on later brake bridges.  The later-style mounting will be shown in subsequent postings on '78 and later frames.  Note, no plastic on brake shoe guides.

High flange hubs, not typical for these bikes:

Old-style head tube decal:

Another view of rear brake mount:

Club cut out in only the bottom head tube lug.  Super Record head set.


  1. Wow nice bike I always love Colnago Racing Bikes and the colnago frames of your bike is great.

  2. i ve never seen a mexico 1975 before ,i love this panto stem ! The problem is than i can't see the difference with the colnago super appart the decals...

  3. fork internal there are two holes or club?

  4. narrow tangs should have clubs not two holes if later than 73, 1st generation mexicos start on 1975 and they were only lighter but not different from supers.

  5. The decal says CYCLES SPECIAL, i have seen a similar decal but in the place of P it says cosmos and has the same design and colors..