Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chrome Cinelli

I shipped this bike down to North Carolina for the Classic Rendezvous weekend.  It rode beautifully.  I was really grooving on the legendary Cinelli ride.  However, about 15 miles into the 36 mile "intermediate" level ride,  I noticed it was getting harder to keep up with my fellow 50-year-old-beer-gutted-tree-stump-legged com padres.  I looked down and noticed my rear Clement Criterium tire was going flat.  Now, who would guess that a 40 or 50 year old tubular tire would possibly go flat on a long ride?  After all the damn thing is N.O.S.! Naturally, I brought neither a spare, nor a pump with me on the ride.  I was never a good boy scout.  The fast guys ahead of me were long gone, and no one behind me had a tubular spare.  So, I had to wait for a friend with a sag-wagon to pick me up and never finished the ride.  My friend who sold me the original tires happened to be at the event, and was happy to take some more cash off me for a replacement.  I just got the bike back from North Carolina, along with another choice little piece I picked up at the swap meet - stay tuned.

I got some complaints about the brown couch, so how about some brown doors for a background?  The bike is approximately a 1961.  It came with two coats of paint covering a chrome frame beneath.  I decided to re-plate the frame and keep it all chrome rather than paint it.

Yes, those are original Cinelli Giro d' Italia chrome steel bars. They are N.O.S.  Universal 61 brakes (also N.O.S.)

This is an N.O.S.  Brooks Campagnolo saddle. The little oval on top says "Campagnolo" inside.

Rear view of Brooks Campagnolo saddle showing narrow rails and special narrow Campagnolo seat clamps.

A 151 bcd Campagnolo Record crank.  Chain is a Regina.

Old record rear derailleur.

Front derailleur is a first generation Record.  Note the slotted screws that hold the derailleur arms to the body.

Another view of Brooks Campagnolo Saddle.  It is stamped '61. QR is not down on rear brake - oops.

Fiamme red label rims with ferrule for valve stem.  Exceedingly rare!

Campagnolo "no Record" hubs, naturally.

Old-style derailleur cable guide.  This era frame has the oiler hole screw in the top of the bottom bracket shell, plus another on the bottom of the bottom bracket shell.

Doublte butted spokes laced four-cross.

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