Saturday, March 1, 2014

Campy Brake Lever Study

The photos show the progression from the very earliest, 1st generation levers with "keyhole" cable feed, to latest last generation levers.  Earliest lever is on the left, with latest on the right. Included is a mix of Nuovo Record and Super Record, but it is the shape and design of the levers I am attempting to illustrate:

Note the silver body on the very earliest, pre-1972 lever on the left, with change to dark grey on later versions.  Note also the change in contour of the levers from the three earlier (pre-1975 or 76) levers on the left, to the post 1975/76 lever on the far right:

Note the change from "keyhole" cable feed on the two, pre-1975 levers on the left to the arch-shaped cable feed for the circa 1975 lever, third from left, to the smaller arch on the post 1976 lever on the far right:

Here is a comparison of Campagnolo shields between the early levers to the later lever.  Note that the size of the shield is smaller on the later lever:

This shows the contrast in shape between the earliest and latest lever. Note that the lever tip points further outward rather than down, and the lever closes at a more acute angle.  Note also the circular impression on the earliest lever body, possibly from a casting?:

Another view of the difference in profile between the earlier and late levers:

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