Saturday, March 1, 2014

Schwinn Paramount P13 Deluxe 1963

This Schwinn Paramount dates to approximately the fall of 1963. In 1962 Schwinn offered only the P11, P12, and P14. 1963 marked the first year of production of the Schwinn Paramount P13 Deluxe Road Racer.  1963 also marked the end of the "Disney" graphics on Schwinn Paramounts, which were switched to the more conventional motif shown on this bike sometime mid-year.  It is estimated that approximately 300 Paramounts were made annually during this time period.  This would include P11s, P12s, P14's and P13's.   The Deluxe model had chromed fork ends, chromed rear dropouts, chromed fork crown, chromed head lugs, a Campagnolo alloy crankset, Campagnolo pedals, Campagnolo alloy seat post, tubular rims, and sew-up tires. The P13 Deluxe was $234 in 1963, compared to $175 for a standard Paramount.  This bike is wearing its Radiant Blue original paint and original decals.

Campagnolo 151 BCD Crank:

Campagnolo Gran Sport Rear Derailleur, Regina Gran Sport Freewheel and Chain:

Original Arnold Schwinn & Company seat mast decal.  These were not used after 1964:

Original Reynolds 531 decal:

Original downtube decals:

Chromed Nervex head lugs:

Mavic Monthlery tubular rims:

Early Weinmann Vainqueur 999 brake caliper and cable hanger:

Maes handlebar:

Weinmann red dot levers with quick releases:

"No Record" Campagnolo high flange hubs:

Titan stem:

Weinmann Vainqueur 999 rear brake:

Serial number indicates build subsequent to 7/63 but prior to 10/63:

Original Campagnolo "flying wheel" decal:

Original hand lining of head lugs:

Paramount head badge:


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  2. We're hoping to display a 1960s Paramount such as this at Marin Museum of Bicycling in Fairfax, California.

    -Joe Breeze, curator

    1. That is one Beautiful bike. I remember in 1962-63 wanting my father to buy me a 10 speed light weight Schwinn, but he said I can have a 3 speed English racer. As a kid you do not realize that maybe the other bikes were to expensive for you hard working father. Dad RIP.