Friday, February 28, 2014

1st. gen Campagnolo Levers

These are very early Campagnolo brake levers and identified by the "keyhole" cable feed in the bottom of the levers, "pointier" tips that tip out rather than down, lighter silver/gray lever bodies, and larger Campagnolo shields than later levers.  They have been drilled subsequent to being formed. Rumor has it that Campy may have used up some 1st. gen Nuovo Record levers when introducing Super Record brakes, circa 1973 by drilling the leftover levers.  Not sure if these were done at that time, or more likely a later drillium job by a machinist for the "Super Record" look:

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  1. These look like they have been drilled after forming. Am I correct. I ask because I have an original set that do not look like this and they are first generation Super Record. I have never in my life seen another pair. Very very very rare.